F2 bullit windsurf board

First of all, hi to everyone, I have been lurking here for quite sometime and recently registered to contact a local windsurfer. Hopefully I'll frequent these forums often from now on.

Anyway back to my question I have been teaching myself on and off for a year now only been out about 7 times on the typical old cruiseliner 10m special edition with a bed sheet for a sail yes im being slightly sarcastic but only slightly. I can see now it was a mistake and if I did it again I would definately have started with something like the Starboard GO.

But I persevered and finally got it. Now having reached what I think is Terminal Velocity for this old girlI have decided to upgrade. My second cousin has a kit that he wants to sell as he gave up years ago, I am anxiously awaiting photos to be sent up so I can make a final decision.

He said the board is an F2 Bullet, now I have searched high and low on the net and I can't find ANY information let alone a picture of this board. I know it's an old board but the rig is modern. Has anyone got a picture of or info about an F2 Bullet? Maybe he is mistaken and it's an F2 Missile???? Any help would be appreciated I think I remember an "F2 Bullitt", cm, around L, from around Back then 's were the intro to "short board sailing", and were typically the largest boards available without a centreboard.

JB Thanks JayBee! Looks like I couldn't find anything due to the spelling. I have actually found a picture of one You are also correct in that it is a with no centreboard. Could anyone advise me on if this would be a suitable next step for a beginner or am I getting a bit ahead of myself? I am 63kg's yes im skinny. Once you get the photo's, put them up on the forum.

Tri fins are coming back I wouldn't bother with it, unless it's free and even then you'll do a lot better getting something more modern. Braaaad, I think you answered your own question here and to to New to Windsurfing.

GO is the go till you actually know what you need.The F2 is literally 10 years old, and it doesn't reflect many of the important changes found in very late model boards. I'd buy the Mistral Syncho, and begin to check into late model sails.

One thing to keep in mind about sails is that you will very likely need to buy new masts too, so the combined cost factor must be considered in the mix. If I were in our shoes, I would keep your eye on the used sail market. You can buy good used sails that are years old for a song. Welcome back to the sport! The ride cuts thru chop nicer than the Syncro does for me but if the wind is marginal then the Synco schlogs better. All my sails are camless freeride sails of 3 years old or so and work fine on either board.

It wasn't slow to plane. It handled chop pretty well, A nice sailing board, and fast too. The Ride which was a very good board in is a ten year old design that will do nothing better than the Synchro except go a little faster. Regarding sails, while its true that a Sunset Slalom era quiver will work a tiny bit better on the Ride than the Synchro, when those sails die and they will you're going to have a hard time finding era-correct sails for the Ride.

Get a contemporary board, and everything else will come together for you over time. Sunset Slalom was first made in '86, last sold around '96, was around 9' long, 23" wide, DEEP double concaves midships, very stable and easy to ride at liters.

It was not continually sold thru the '90's, but made a short resurgence in the mid '90's. That board was 'era 84, coupled at intro with the Bullit and Starlit. That board WAS narrow and hard to ride if you weighed over lbs.

I did buy it used so I have no idea exactly how old it really is. I measured it and it is 9 feet long and 23" wide. However it does have a pointy nose, pointy narrow and thin tail.

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Two postions for foot straps. The bottom is completely flat.

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No concaves, but a fair amount of rocker. Given my experience level, amount of sailing I can do per year, I've basically decided to buy the F2 Ride with a 5. Hard to justify dropping on a new board, and then sails and mast on top of that.Better than i expected.

f2 bullit windsurf board

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F2 Bullit Slalom - Vintage board

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1996 F2 Bullet Slalom

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f2 bullit windsurf board

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F2 Bullet (info needed)

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f2 bullit windsurf board

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f2 bullit windsurf board

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